The Best Countertops for Your Budget


U.S. homeowners spend an average of over $26,000 remodeling their kitchens. The kitchen counter is often the centerpiece of it all. From the timeless charm of marble countertops to the durability of granite (great for bathroom counters), every counter adds its own unique flair and flavor to your favorite living spaces. And it can seem daunting to make … Read more

Why Choose Marble Countertops

White Kitchen, Marble Countertop

The word marble comes from Ancient Greek and directly translates to “shining stone“. It’s easy to see why this stone was given this name as it has a shiny and luxurious feel to it, making it a great addition to any home. Marble is often found in bathrooms, but it’s also a great material to … Read more

What Makes a Quartz Countertop High Quality?

Sleek Modern Kitchen Design With A Kitchen Peninsula

For years, granite countertops were the most popular type of countertops in the U.S. Homeowners turned to granite countertops early and often when installing new countertops during home remodeling projects. But a little more than 5 years ago, that all changed. Quartz countertops overtook granite countertops as the most popular kind of residential countertops in the country. If you’re … Read more

A Homeowner’s Guide to Marble and Stone


There’s nothing that adds beauty to a home quite like a stunning natural stone. Whether it’s tile for the floors or counters in the kitchen, natural stone is the go-to choice. But with so many options for marble and stone, it can be difficult for homeowners to choose. When it comes to countertops for the … Read more

Comparing Different Types of Countertops

Types Of Countertops (1)

Are you planning a kitchen makeover? If so, you might recoup a 74% return on that investment. With such a positive return and enhanced visual appeal, you can’t go wrong with a fresh new look. But when you’re building a kitchen remodel around a center island or workspace, you want the right countertops. Read on to learn about the … Read more