How Global Supply Chain Disruption Has Affected Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

When the pandemic first hit, it probably seemed like the perfect time to finally tackle that kitchen or bathroom remodel. Problem is that necessary building materials are currently in short supply. The home building and home remodeling industry expect to continue to face supply issues for the foreseeable future.

What is the cause of these supply chain issues? How could your home remodeling project be affected? Is it time to shelve it, or can you go ahead?

We’ll answer all this and more as we look at how global supply chain disruption has affected kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Why Materials Are in Short Supply

Put simply, crucial building materials are in short supply because demand outstripped supply.

This has led to a huge jump in the price of available supplies. In spring 2021, prices for timber reached 300% of pre-pandemic levels. As you can imagine, this proved a bridge too far for customers, who simply stopped buying.

Since that time, prices have come down, but continue to fluctuate. Overseas suppliers continue to struggle to access the raw materials they need. This means that when you can get hold of materials, their lead time is often much longer than before.

Pandemic Impact

Many of these issues can be traced back to the lockdowns that happened in most countries. Workers were not going to work, therefore the raw material supply dried up.

Many parts of the world are suffering from a logistics nightmare. In the UK, Brexit has led to a shortage of truck drivers. There is also increased demand for truck drivers in the US.

Shipping costs have also increased dramatically. Shipping a container has risen at times to over $10,000, compared to $1,500 before the pandemic hit. This has made some kitchen and bathroom fittings more costly to import.

The Home Remodeling Industry Gets Creative

It’s true, it’s tough to get supplies at the moment. But it’s not impossible. 

If you’ve got a home remodeling business, or are planning a home remodeling project, don’t panic. There are several options open to you.

First, good communication between businesses and customers is essential. Don’t assume that your local home remodeling business can’t take on your project. They may be able to get the supplies needed for your project at a reasonable price. 

Another option is to discuss alternative materials that you could use for your home remodeling project. For example, if marble is in short supply, what about granite? Or vice versa?

You may still be able to achieve the look you want with materials you hadn’t considered before. 

The home remodeling industry is also pretty savvy. They know which materials they need to stock up on at a time when the market is favorable. You might be surprised to find what they have hidden away!

Talk to RSK Stone About Your Project

Times are tough for the construction industry, but customer demand remains high. The focus of the home remodeling industry is on giving the customer what they want. If you’ve got your heart set on a bathroom or kitchen remodel, don’t assume you have to delay it. 

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