How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Countertop Installation

Did you know in addition to making you happier with your home, kitchen renovations can pay you back? According to the National Association of Remodelers, homeowners can expect to recoup about two-thirds of a $45,000 investment. This means your new countertops can pay for themselves.

But if you want to enjoy that return while minimizing stress and delays, you must be prepared. So continue reading to learn what to expect during your countertop installation and how you can prepare to make the install date go as smooth as silk (or granite!)

Get Off on the Right Foot With Scheduling

The first step of your kitchen makeover is also the one that will set the tone for the rest of the project; choosing the date to install your counters. Although you may be eager to start right away, you should be careful when selecting the date. Schedule when:

  • you have enough time to prepare your space properly
  • an adult will be present who can answer questions and make project decisions

The goal is to avoid your contractors having to play phone tag to answer questions that come up during installation, so you don’t delay enjoying your new kitchen counters.

Prepare Your Space

There are two main components of your countertop installation, and you’ll need to do a little to prepare for each one. The first is preparing for the templater, who comes before installation day and finalizes the dimensions of the project. To prepare for their arrival, you should clear off all your countertops, including any appliances. 

If you’re replacing sinks, faucets, or appliances, make sure they are available for the templater to review and measure. Be sure to inform them of any desired overhang and cutouts you’ll need so they can add that to the plan. This is another time that it’s critical the “decision-maker” is present.

Next, you must prepare for your kitchen counter installer to arrive. Here’s what most countertop installers will ask you to remove:

  • Your current countertops 
  • All furniture and rugs out of the path from the entryway to the kitchen
  • Kitchen tables or islands 

In addition, you will also need to hire a plumber to disconnect and reconnect your plumbing. And while it’s okay to observe, remember that your installers are handling large and heavy slabs of stone. So it’s important to avoid their pathways and interrupting during the work. 

Following these steps will ensure a safe and speedy installation.

Work With Trusted Experts in Countertop Installation

When installed and cared for correctly, your kitchen countertops can last decades. Since this is a semi-permanent decision, you must work with high-quality stone and contractors. 

At RSK Stone, we’re experts in countertop installation and have been making homeowners happy in Massachusetts and the greater New England area for over 15 years. If you’re ready to make your kitchen counter dreams a reality, contact us today for a free estimate.